Electronic products,spare parts products packaging line

admin | 2021-01-27

Applicable products: electronic products, routers, switches, radios, mouse button sets, etc.

The project is the packaging process of the Lenovo computer mouse key set, which is mainly used in automatic box forming, labeling, scanning code fittings, installation instructions, automatic lid closing, automatic arrangement and packing, etc .

The project has greatly improved the packaging efficiency of the product, and can complete the whole process without manual work, reducing the burden of personnel and creating a great value for the enterprise.

Adopt automatic tray former machine, synchronous box taking, stamping and forming, and folding and locking on both sides are completed at the same time; the packing efficiency is stable. 

Use multiple sets of desktop mechanical arms to carry out manuals, CD-ROMs, spare parts boxing. Using automatic lid closing machine, fold and cover the upper cover of the box, and insert it into the box inside.

The XY axis palletizing method is used to distribute the cartons reasonably and complete palletizing.

Electronic products,spare parts products packaging line